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We create fun workouts for your brain


KEP Games was started for gamers who like to flex their mental muscles. We at KEP Games are gamers who enjoy playing PC and console games, but we are also very much into games on smaller screens. Especially when those games require some brainwork. Pondering an interesting puzzle creates a pleasant contrast to all the stressful and hectic activities in daily life.  


One of KEP's founders is Schibsted (a leading Scandinavian media group), which led to a rather traditional start. We developed a crossword puzzle publishing system for the Swedish daily newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet". Crosswords became a huge, headline generating fad in the twenties. Since then, the craze has cooled a bit as crosswords gradually moved towards the end of the newspapers. Nevertheless, crosswords managed to keep their faithful and engaged fans during all those years. And that's why Svenska Dagbladet's readers clamored for a digital version of their beloved crosswords.


All this crossword focus certainly influenced us when we brainstormed ideas for our first game. With over a million Swedish crossword fans, there ought to be some demand for a multiplayer word game based on crossword puzzles. And that's how Cross Boss, the world's first competitive crossword game, was born. 


Our next game? That will not be revealed yet and we still have a lot work left on Cross Boss. But one thing is sure: The next game will be challenging that brain of yours again.


If you are interested in more information about KEP Games or want to discuss jobs or partnerships, feel free to send an email to:

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