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The game

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Social game


Cross Boss is played by two players via the internet on two devices or as a local match on one device.


You can challenge either friends or strangers.


We have not yet finalized the adaption of the Android version for the UK market, so the app is currently available for iOS only. We are planning to launch for Android next year.

How to play


Every match begins with a new crossword puzzle. We currently have 100 crosswords - handmade specifically for Cross Boss - in the app. 


The game is turn-based, with each player allowed two make two moves per turn. One move can be one of the following actions:

  • Unlock clue

  • Fill in a word

  • Sneak-peek a letter 

Scoring system


You get 1p for each correct letter and 1p for each correct word.


There is s no deduction of points for wrong letters.


When a player has completed a word, all letters of this word are taken over. One single, well-placed letter can therefore change the game's score dramatically by taking over letters from the opponent.


When the crossword puzzle is completed, the player with the best score wins.

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