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How do I change between down and across when I select a word?

You can easily change between down and across by clicking twice on a square in the playing field.

How do I turn off the sound?

To turn off the sound effects in the game, you click on the gear in the lower right corner to go to the settings. Here you find a slider to switch on/off the sound effects. To turn off the sound of the notifications, you go into the setting of your device, open "notification center" and then Cross Boss. Here you can find the option to switch off the sound for your notifications.

How do I find Cross Boss for iPad?

You can find Cross Boss in the App Store when searching for "iPhone only" in the menu in the upper right corner.

Can I pay to get rid of the ads?

Yes, you can pay for half a year without ads. In our iOS-version you can buy ads-free by opening the settings in the application and clicking on the green Shop tab.

I don't want to connect Cross Boss to my Facebook account anymore. How do I do?

If you don't want to connect Cross Boss to your Facebook account anymore, do as follows: Click on the gear on the start screen and then on "log out" on the top. Now you are logged out from your Cross Boss account.

If you already have a Cross Boss account connected to your email-adress, you can simply log in with email-adress and password. If not, please create a new account which is connected to your email-adress.

I want to invite Facebook friends but got up an error message saying that I don't have Facebook Messenger. What shall I do?

Unfortunately Facebook has a bug which does not allow other apps to use Messenger on the iPad. The error message is shown regardless of whether you have Messanger installed or not. If you have a smartphone, you can invite friends there. Otherwise you can use the email-function to invite friends.

How do I report a mistake in a crossword?

We are buying hundreds of crossword puzzles and every now and then there might be a tiny mistake in one of them. We are sorry for that and hope that you did not lose the match because of it. Please send us an email with a screenshot or the crossword ID which you can find on the left below the puzzle.

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